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Many women today desire larger, fuller breasts. There are many reasons for this: breasts that are naturally only slightly developed, or developed to varying degrees, often do not meet an individual’s concept of beauty.

Many women also do not want to accept the fact that their breast shape has changed, as can be the case after pregnancy, severe weight loss or age-related factors.

The decision for a breast implant is almost always made for aesthetic reasons and is generally not a question of age; however, physical growth of the individual should be completed.

What actually happens during the surgery?

Today, silicone cushions with different fillings are used as implants. The outer shell made of silicone elastomers is usually multi-layered. This cover offers a very high level of protection against injuries and also enables particularly good results in terms of shape and feel. The innovative textured surface of the silicone cushion also significantly reduces the risk of capsule hardening. At the Klinik Tiefenbrunnen, silicone gel is used almost exclusively as the filling material. The best and most effective optical and tactile results can be achieved with these implants.

The incision is made either in the natural skin fold under the breast, in the area of the nipple or in the armpit. Through this opening, the surgeon creates a cavity in which to place the implant. This cavity is created either directly behind the breast tissue or between the pectoral muscle and the ribs.

Based on your personal ideas and your physical conditions, you and the surgeon will determine the position of the incision and implant as well as the desired implant size.

What results can be achieved?

A breast implant gives you a full and natural breast shape, which also feels very normal in terms of tactile perception. The results last for many years, depending on your personal predisposition – but not forever. The natural aging process and gravity will change the shape of the breast again over the years and a further operation may be necessary to preserve the shape.

Type of anaesthesia and hospital stay

The procedure is usually performed on an inpatient basis. Under anaesthesia, the surgery is stress- and problem-free for the patient, and the surgeon can do the necessary fine work while the patient essentially sleeps. You will leave the clinic recovered 1-2 days after the operation. In exceptional cases, smaller implants can also be operated on with local anaesthesia and sedatives. So you will hardly feel the operation and you can leave the clinic a few hours after the procedure.

How do I prepare for the surgery?

In some cases it may be useful to perform a mammography and ultrasound examination prior to the surgery in order to detect any tissue changes before the operation. Your surgeon will discuss this with you. For a period of 14 days before the operation, you should refrain from using painkillers (e.g. Aspirin) as these delay blood coagulation. Alcohol and sleeping pills should also be avoided as much as possible. If you have the procedure performed on an outpatient basis, we also recommend that you have a friend or family membertake care of you for at least the first night after the procedure.

How’s the surgery done?

The surgeon will place the implant as you discussed with him. Through the smallest possible incision, the necessary cavity is created with exacting precision. Since the position and size of this cavity are decisive for the subsequent result, the surgeon’s proficiency and experience are of great importance here. The previously defined silicone cushion is inserted into the cavity. The wound is closed intracutaneously with the finest sutures. A medical bra is fitted on the operating table. You must expect an operation time of approx. 60 to 90 minutes.

What happens after the surgery?

Immediately after the operation you will feel slight pain for the next two days. In addition, as with any surgical intervention, breast implantation also causes swelling and bruising, which can be more or less severe, but which disappear within days to several weeks. The incisions leave small scars that fade over time and are ultimately hardly visible. In most cases a final result can only be assessed after 6 to 9 months.

What complications can arise

Every operation entails general risks. However, these are very rare in aesthetic surgery. Your surgeon will provide you with detailed information on this topic. With the natural healing process, a capsule forms around the implant. Depending on your disposition, this capsule can harden, making the breast feel firmer than normal. Such hardening can vary in intensity and, in the worst case, lead to pain, displacement of the implant or deformation of the breast. In rare cases (approximately 3 – 4%), a new intervention is necessary, during which the implant site must be widened or the implant replaced.
Irrespective of the position of the skin incision, the feeling at the nipple can be temporarily impaired, especially with large implants.

What aftercare is required?

You will feel well within 1 to 2 days after the operation. Your full working capacity will be restored after one week. You should wear the sports bra that was given to you post-surgery. This bra supports your breast without constricting it. The bra should be worn around the clock for the first 3 weeks and at least during the day for the following 3 weeks.

What needs to be considered after the surgery?

You, and of course your sexual partner, should be extremely careful with your breasts for the first 6-8 weeks and avoid any overstraining. This applies to all physical activities, from sports to housework.