Klinik Tiefenbrunnen

Tumor Surgery

The team of doctors of the Klinik Tiefenbrunnen receives transfers daily from family doctors and dermatologists from patients with tumors on the face and other areas of the body. These lesions of skin or subcutaneous tissue can be of benign or malignant nature. There is usually a medical indication for the removal of these tumors. Tissue defects resulting from its removal are treated in the same operative session using plastic surgical methods and operations so that the outer appearance and the function of the body is maintained. The area of tumor surgery includes surgery of breast cancer and post amputation breast reconstruction. These procedures are performed at our clinic or – when extensive reconstruction is called for - in the Hirslanden Clinic.

Hand Surgery

Dr. Jaeck specializes in the field of hand surgery. He is a recognized expert in this field. Hand surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure and is covered by health insurance.

Klinik Tiefenbrunnen
Klinik Tiefenbrunnen
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